High Performance Gloves NG 901

High Performance gloves ideal for security personnel, were high stab and needle puncture resistance is required. This glove also has good impact resistance characteristics.

  • Mesh technology in the palm and fingertips protects against syringes, needles and sharps. Highest resistance for cut damages, through knifes, scissors, glass etc. The gloves also offer the wearer the best protection against needle stick punctures. High impact resistance on the knuckle.
  • Coating: Black Spandex black microfiber, black neoprene and black ottoman, impact resistant plastic on the knuckles. Two rubber labels at PP belt.
  • Back-of-hand Black microfiber with PU keeps hands safe from smash & impact hazards
  • Velcro straps on the wrist allows freely adjust of tightness and prevent dirt and debris from entering the glove
  • Highest available level of puncture resistance = Level 4.
  • Level F cut resistance according to EN388:2016 which is the best level obtainable.
  • 25-gauge Hypodermic needle puncture resistance ANSI/ISEA cut level 5 protection again the highest level available

A cut, puncture and needle proof glove. Soft and of highest quality. Articulated fingers and index finger comfort and agility. Black kevlar reinforced lining in the hand. Mesh technology in the palm and fingertips protect against syringes, needles and sharps.


Knife Cut