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Developed and refined in Norway by Lars Petter Andresen, the NorseGuard Technology offers unparalleled cut and needle resistance. Initially applied to tactical gloves and various bulletproof vests, the NorseGuard solution has since been tested and proven in a wide range of products.

Throughout his extensive career in the security industry, inventor and founder Lars Petter Andresen became an avid user of various personal protection equipment. He also recognised the many shortcomings of available products. Especially relating to extreme cut, puncture and needle threats.

On a perennial quest for innovation, we are always looking for new areas and products to which NorseGuard can be applied.

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Lars Petter was born in Norway in 1956. He as over 20 years extensive experience
working as a bodyguard, VIP protection, trainer and coach. Some of the countries he has worked actively in are; United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Poland and in the Baltic. He still maintains his passion for martial arts, and has a black belt in Karate, Ju Jitsu, Full Contact & Kobudo.

Andresen has also worked as a coach and mentor in the private and public sector. His areas of speciality being self-defense-, security- and counter terrorist training. During his years in the security and safety industry, he has gained a lot of valuable experience and knowledge. But wherever he worked in the world, there were always discussions about «how to stop the penetration of needles and other thin objects».

The past decades everyone who work in particularly vulnerable sectors have seen a great threat of getting infections and other infectious diseases from cuts, bites and bruises. Police, security guards, security personnel, ambulance personell, taxi drivers, firefighters are just a few examples of people that on a daily basis, face a threat of coming into contact with sharp objects, such as; glass, knives, razors and syringes.

In the early 90´s Lars Petter saw it as his task to protect himself and his team against the threats mentioned above. He therefore started to research the protective garment industry to find products that would solve this issue. He has had extensive experiments, lab-/live testing and testing out a variety of materials.

This led him to discover a material called «Steel Mesh». Used correctly and in a very precise manufacturing process this material has achieved the highest level of cut, stab and needle resistance. Lars Petter has so much confidence in his inventions that he thrives at demonstrating them live as you will see in the above video.

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